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Orphan Rescue

Poverty in Uganda is a vastly different context than poverty in the West. There is no welfare. Social services are severely limited. Children whose parents have died are often left to fend for themselves. Many of them die. Many turn to lives of crime.

Yet it is a solvable problem. Orphan kids who have been left on their own are tough and motivated. Give them good food, shelter and the opportunity to go to school and stand back. because great things will happen. For Living Hope for Children, that is our mission and our passion: to take in the neediest of children, raise them up in love and faith, stoke their dreams for the future and watch them fly.


Children and young adults crave education in Uganda for it is generally understood that people with knowledge and skills will never be poor. Yet government schools are overcrowded and all schools require fees, Thus, many children simply do not go to school.

That's why education is at the heart of Living Hope for Children. In caring for orphans and vulnerable children of all faiths, we operate three fully accredited primary schools and one secondary school to meet the needs of all our kids. Our quality staff of teachers and administrators yields students who regularly score in the 95th percentile in national testing. Many are able to take advantage of the Living Hope College Scholarship program to obtain a university education as well. Our goal is to raise vulnerable children into spectacular adults. Our investment in education is making that vision a reality.

Health Services

Sponsored children in our program receive necessary medical care. In addition, the Living Hope for Children Health Outreach program provides them and other vulnerable children in our schools with access to dental, hearing, visual, nutrition, and mental health services. Their guardians/caregivers receive health screening services, and health outreaches are performed in communities where our children reside and where we serve.


Living Hope for Children shares the good news of Jesus Christ with all the students that we serve. It is our hope that each of them would come to know Jesus as their Savior and Lord. Students are also taught lifelong habits of prayer and the study of God's Word that help them become followers of Jesus who love God, serve others, and multiply disciples.

You can learn more about our Discipleship efforts by downloading the 

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Our Vision

To see orphans and other vulnerable children in Uganda achieve their full potential and impact their communities for Christ.